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$0.0 $39.95 Get it free

What is AOMEI Backupper Professional?

AOMEI Backupper Pro is a professional backup and recovery program that is simple to use. Completely safeguard your PC against data loss. It securely backups your PC and server, offers a one-click backup of your system partition or drive, and does it in minutes. It also can clone partitions or drives. The program supports Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), which allows data backup without interfering with current applications. If your data is accidentally destroyed or corrupted, the application may inspect the generated image and restore it to the hard drive. Additionally, you may create a bootable recovery CD to restore your data if the computer fails and the application is unreachable via the Windows interface.

aomei backupper professional screenshot
AOMEI Backupper Professional 1-Year Giveaway 1

Key features

  • Back up and recover data at any moment with all-in-one data protection
  • Backup and restoration are fully automated and can be completed with a single click
  • Real-time file and folder syncing is supported
  • Clone an HDD to an SSD, an HDD to an HDD, or an SSD to an SSD for disk upgrades and data relocation
  • To support computers that do not boot into the operating system, create a WinPE or Linux boot disk.

Supported OS: Windows Vista/XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 10, and Windows 11

Price: $39.95/ 1 year

How to get the AOMEI Backupper Professional Giveaway?

If you have an abundance of vital information. Continuous data backup is required to prevent folder loss, deletion, or virus infection and to recover data quickly and simply. Furthermore, AOMEI Backupper Pro is appropriate for people who wish to migrate the operating system from one machine to another. From HDD to SSD and vice versa. To use AOMEI Backupper Professional Edition for 1 year for absolutely free, please take the followings steps:

Step 1. Download the installer from the homepage –>

Step 2. After the download is finished, run the .exe file to install the software.

aomei backupper professional installation
AOMEI Backupper Professional 1-Year Giveaway 2

Step 3. Copy and paste the license key below to register the software

License code

License code #1: AMAB-CJMBF-ZMNWR-D4LGA
License code #2: AMAB-ACPR9-HPAZP-IF5CE
License code #3: AMAB-9VVR8-WT2FC-CPNYV (Expires on 05/24/2024)
register aomei backupper professional
AOMEI Backupper Professional 1-Year Giveaway 3

Step 4. Enjoy it for 1-year free!

expiration date aomei backupper pro
AOMEI Backupper Professional 1-Year Giveaway 4

Terms & Conditions

  • This license key is for AOMEI Backupper Professional
  • It will be invalid after registering for 365 days
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • No free tech support

AOMEI Backupper Professional Coupon Codes & Deals

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Mirror Sync AOMEI Backupper Professional
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Clone Source Sick AOMEI Backupper Professional
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  1. Where do you go in the software to confirm license information? It said the code was updated successfully but nothing like the screenshot where it has the date here. Do I have to create a login and be logged in?

  2. Muchas gracias.

  3. I cant activate the program, i got this message:
    Registration failed. The license code has exceed the maximum number allowed devices, please buy a new license code to register. If you have any questions, please contact for help.
    How i can solve this problem?

  4. Funcionando! Muchas Gracias

  5. the second code works i updated it to the latest version 7.1.2 and the code works

  6. Code isn’t working. Can someone one help?

  7. Code is not working anymore 🙁

    • bah bah agha hamid, fekr nemikardam iraniha ham az in giveaway ha estephadeh konan chon aksaran az crack estephadeh mikonan.

  8. Have any for AOMEI Backupper server ?

  9. Give a Shot!


  10. Reply Avatar of Damp Proofing Johannesburg
    Damp Proofing Johannesburg January 24, 2022 at 3:17 pm

    The only draw back is that if there’s already damp in place,
    it doesn’t take away the damp.

  11. Code not working

  12. Reply Avatar of Katernaxi
    Katernaxi Subscriber March 29, 2021 at 10:17 am

    Leider gibt es keinen Licence Key. Der Link führt nur zum Download der Pro Version und nach deren Installation gibt es keinen Key.

  13. Een compliment aan AOMEI heb nog niet eerder zo gode backuper gehad makelijk in gebruik een aanrader…
    Ik doe onderzoek naar de werking van software
    Dus ik weet waar ik over praat

  14. Went to buy AOMEI Backupper Professional with lifetime upgrades and they wanted to charge a 20% VAT, I live outside of the EU. Why would I be charged that 20% VAT?

  15. Thanks, but I didn’t choose a language when installing. The language option is available after installation under settings. Kind regards

  16. Thanks, I downloaded it from the AOMEI site. It installed as English and registered with the code provided in the giveaway. Also, I had contacted their support and was shown a screenshot where under Settings the language can be changed.

  17. Please, I installed and registered, but the GUI is not in English. Can I change this?

  18. Code is not working. Please check again.

  19. Thanks so much. Code is working now!

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