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BMS eBook Factory is useful software which is designed to help users merge HTML files and turn them into self-contained EXE files you can subsequently use as ebooks, product manuals, price compilations, and whatnot. Follow this post to know BMS eBook Factory’s features and how to get BMS eBook Factory giveaway.



Key features:

  • Helps you join multiple HTML files
  • Lets you customize the resulting EXE ebook
  • User-friendly ebook and product catalog maker

Supported Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. But if you have Windows 7, this application require .Net Framwork 4.5

How to get BMS eBook Factory giveaway?

Use BMS eBook Factory to convert HTML files to EXE and compile ebooks, magazines, catalogs, price lists, etc. Now, you can get free license key for BMS eBook Factory if take the followings steps:

1. Download  BMS eBook Factory

2. Install the setup file on your computer

3. After installation, enter your email and license key:




4. Open the program to use and enjoy!


The giveaway is valid to August 15th.


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