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$0.0 $20 Get it free
$0.0 $20 Get it free

What is the Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder?

Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder is an advanced solution designed for users seeking to eliminate duplicate files cluttering their computer systems. This software stands out by offering a comprehensive suite of features that enable the detection and removal of duplicate documents, images, videos, music, archives, and various other file types across PC drives. The technology behind Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder is crafted to retain an original version of the file, thus, all subsequent duplicates are replaced with internal links pointing to this master file, which optimizes storage efficiency while ensuring that the actual file remains accessible.

The application is engineered with a focus on user-friendly operation, highlighted by its quick scan functionality. This feature permits users to swiftly identify redundant files, thereby streamlining the process of freeing up valuable disk space. Safety is a cornerstone of the tool’s design philosophy. Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder is built to perform deletions with a high degree of caution, thereby safeguarding system stability by preventing the accidental removal of essential files. Moreover, the software offers customizable scan options, allowing users to tailor the search process according to their specific needs and preferences. This level of customization extends to the ability to assess the amount of disk space recovered following the deletion of duplicate files.

Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder Free License Key
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Key Features

  • Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder is an innovative tool that is designed to help you reclaim disk space by safely identifying and deleting duplicate files on your PC.
  • This tool is designed to help you scan your computer for duplicate files, including documents, photos, music, and videos, helping you identify and remove unnecessary copies to free up storage space.
  • It intelligently keeps one instance of a file, replacing duplicates with links to the original. This method conserves disk space while ensuring you still have access to your files.
  • A rapid scanning mechanism is provided allowing users to view duplicates, saving time and making the process efficient.
  • This duplicate file finder tool offers the option to protect system stability by avoiding the deletion of critical files and ensuring that only unwanted duplicates are removed.
  • You are allowed to tailor the scanning process to their specific needs, offering flexibility in finding and removing duplicates.
  • The tool can safely delete duplicate files, replacing them with hard links to optimize disk space without affecting file accessibility.
  • Besides, it provides insights into the amount of disk space recovered after duplicate files have been removed, helping with efficient storage management.
  • Finally, it features an auto-backup system to restore any files accidentally deleted, providing a safety net for users during the cleanup process.

Supported OS: Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7
Price: $20/ lifetime

How to get the Ashampoo Duplicate File Finder license key for free?

Step 1. Download the giveaway installer –> ashampoo_duplicate_file_finder_sm.exe

Install the software by clicking on the above download link.

install ashampoo duplicate file finder
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Step 2. You should log in with your existing Ashampoo account or if you don’t have an Ashampoo account, just create a new account here –

login ashampoo duplicate file finder
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Step 3. The software will activate after you log in to your Ashampoo account with your email address and password.

launch ashampoo duplicate file finder
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Terms & Conditions

  • This is a lifetime license
  • Non-commercial usage
  • No free updates and tech support

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