15% Off Webcam Zone Trigger Coupon Code

$39.05 $45.95 Get it free
$39.05 $45.95 Get it free

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It is not a strange concept to know that there have been potential risks for your property at home or business. It is also obvious that there are a number of tools available that can be used to combat these threats, but most concentrate on just motion detection. Surprisingly, Webcam Zone Trigger appears as a comprehensive software which has been designed not only to completing security tasks but also covering even art, QA testing, automation, statistics acquisition, DIY projects, science experiments, etc.


15% Off Webcam Zone Trigger Coupon Code

15% Off Webcam Zone Trigger Coupon Code

Key features:

– Detect motion, inactivity, image matching, flow direction…
– Works with any webcams, cameras and many other video sources
– Host a HTTP server, share cameras over the internet


– Super-simple-to-use interface
– As an efficient software solution, Tools like Zone Trigger bring new possibilities: A multi-software connecting to many video capture devices (USB webcam, IP cams, Camcorders, TV tuners, screen capture, digital cameras, Microsoft Kinect, Video Files on the PC, etc.); an excellent motion detection “Hotspot” ( be set of any size) with lots of triggered actions (recording stills and video, running programs, sending email, using FTP, counting, playing sound, emulating mouse or keyboard, even outputting a signal to an external device) , a comprehensive “Scheduler” allowing the camera settings to start recording at specific moments in the day or night, etc.


– The trial only lasts 15 days
– There are too many notifications and reports on the screen.

System requirements:

– Windows XP sp3, Vista, 7, 8
– Direct-X Video capture devices

Webcam Zone Trigger coupon code for 15% Off

Now again is the time when the 15-day trial goes by, it’s also the time for you to find another way to enjoy the full functions of Webcam Zone Trigger products. With $44.95 and $95.95, you can own Standard and Pro version, respectively in a long time. And the best way is looking for a Webcam Zone Trigger Pro coupon code to get 15% off on each deal and dozens of incentives today!

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