SafeDNS One Year License Giveaway for Home Use


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Start using SafeDNS right now to protect yourself and your family from malware and internet threats. Stop messing with a bunch of software and hardware tools, like porn blockers, ad blockers and so on – the SafeDNS cloud filtering service will replace them all. Just set it on your home Wi-Fi router or install agent on Windows to get an incredible set of internet security features in one tool for all your internet-connected devices like computers, tablets, smartphones and so on. For advanced users a SafeDNS filtering module for OpenWRT-based routers is available to get additional features like different filtering policies for each device in a home LAN and guest network.


With the SafeDNS cloud service for web filtering and parental control you can:

  • maintain control over web access,
  • monitor and manage kids’ online activity,
  • limit time for kids’ web surfing,
  • safeguard entire family from botnets, malware and phishing.

Supported OS and other system requirements:

  • all the most popular OSes (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android ans iOS)
  • any IP addresses (static, dynamic, those behind NAT) and dynamic DNS service

How to get SafeDNS one year license giveaway?

To obtain 1 year free for SafeDNS one year license, a feature rich and well advanced custom web content filtering software online, you need to follow these steps:

1. Go to the giveaway registration page:

2. Enter your email which will be your login, a password you find appropriate, confirm the entered password, enter promotional code “tickcoupon17“.


3. Click “Register” button.

SafeDNS Agent download link (for Windows-based computers only):

License info:

– One year license for free use of Safe@Home plan

– Free updates during subscription period

–  No free tech support

– Free standard support – online, email

– Version: SafeDNS Agent

– Valid through August 8

How to start using SafeDNS?

To start using SafeDNS take 3 steps:

  • register on the company’s site
  • define your own filtering rules in your personal service dashboard
  • set the service on chosen devices by changing their network settings.
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