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FREE Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO detects and blocks harmful websites, defending you against internet dangers like malware, phishing sites and hackers.

Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO free


– Detect and remove known search hijacker programs.

– Block unwanted search hijacker programs from being installed.

– Trap changes made to your current search engine and asks you for confirmation PRIOR to the changes being made.

– Extract the user’s preferred search engine setting from the browser and secure it.

How to get FREE License for Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO?

If you desire to get free license for Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO, don’t hesitate to take the following steps to get it for free.

1. Click to open this Giveaway Page

2. Click to “GET IT FREE NOW”.

Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO for Free


3. Share Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO on Facebook, Twitter, or email to friends.

Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO for Free 1

4. Download and enjoy your free Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO.

Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO for Free 2


When install this software, let choose like this picture to keep your settings

Free Ad-Aware Web Companion PRO key

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