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$0.0 $48.99 Get it free
$0.0 $48.99 Get it free

Along with enhancing the photos you take with your Android or iOS devices, you are able to use photo editing software to help your turn a photo into a cartoon. Cartoonize is a wonderful cartoon character creation tool that can help you create your own cartoon characters from your pictures. It can cartoonize itself and make a cartoon portrait quickly in an AI-smart way. You will enjoy this photo editing not only for the ability to generate humorous images but for the great cartoon effects as well. Needless to say, inexperienced photo editors can use this tool because it works great for making funny pictures to upload on social networks without much effort.

Vertexshare Cartoonize Giveaway Free License Code

Key Features:

  • Cartoonize is a super easy-to-use cartoon app that turns your photo into cartoons
  • It can instantly help you make awesome cartoon portraits of a hand-drawn quality
  • You even are allowed to choose different cartoon results and add a cartoon background by yourself
  • It comes with an effect library including a number of effects you can use to turn a photo into a cartoon.

Supported OS: Android and iOS

Price: $48.99/ lifetime

How to get the Cartoonize license key for free?

Step 1. Download PhotoAI for Mobile here –> Android   iOS

Step 2. Open the app and long-press the “Subscription” button in “Option” for 3+ seconds, and entering the code will activate the account.



Redeem Code Vertexshare Cartoonize

Step 3. Enjoy it for a lifetime free!

Pro Member

More Cartoonize Screenshot!

Upload Image Vertexshare Cartoonize

Effects Vertexshare Cartoonize


  • This is the lifetime PRO subscription for Tickcoupon readers
  • Non-commercial usage
  • Code times: 50000
  • The giveaway will start from the 19th till the 26th of April
9.9 Total Score

User Rating: 4.97 (32 votes)

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  1. El para toda la vida se ha quedado en para unos meses. Ahora me dice que tengo 5 créditos. Y la cantidad de publicidad que tiene. Desinstalando.

  2. hi ella even when reedeemed to pro there is still ads sorry.my phone is xiomi 11t pro

  3. Jajaja, vaya gratis.. me dice que soy PRO y me salen anuncios… vaya plan, no saben como robar datos…

  4. Followed the instructions and upgraded successfully.
    When I came back, it changed my status to normal and asks me to upgrade again, and even when trying to repeat the process, it says your app has been upgraded to PRO already.
    Unfortunately, I have to dismiss and delete it not only because of this issue, but definitely, I will because of the inappropriate ads.

    • Hey AYMAN, sorry for the bad experience. May I know your device type, we will do the test again to solve the problem on repeat verification.

      For the ads, we will try to update asap to bring better experiences for users.

      • Hi Ella,
        Thank you for your reply and concern.
        I’ve deleted the app, but I respect your interest in following up on my message. My device is iPhone XR.

        • Thanks, we will make the test on simulator, by the iPhoneXR, to check if any bugs. Sorry again for the experience.

  5. Hello Ella. I did manage to register the program and it’s….cute. The comment wasn’t intended as a condemnation of the app itself (though, on reflection I can see how it appeared to be) but rather the proliferation of ads on virtually all apps. Despite my initial negative reaction I recommend persevering with the upgrade because the app is a lot of fun!

    • Hey SLIPPY, thanks for your feedback. That’s really strange as we didn’t set too much ads in app. Only splash and one ad after flow done. Our team is checking this now. Will let you know when we get the results.

  6. How do you change the language to English? There are many Chinese-looking labels on the buttons in the app (after successfully going ‘Pro’).

    • Hey Ronnie, the language is set by your device language automatically. Now your phone is with English, but you can see some Chinese lables? I did the test, and didn’t get this problem. Could you share one screenshot to my email address, for that we will get to know how to check that?
      My email: ella@imglarger.com

  7. The ads were quite annoying but i managed to successfully activate PRO afterall, so thanks for the offer. =)

  8. Installed ok. Cannot upgrade because there are so many pop-up ads interrupting the process. The ads start 3 seconds after starting the app and don’t stop. I can see why this app has so few downloads!

    • Thanks for your reply, I am Ella from developer of this service. We dont have any pop ads right now, only splash ad and one ad after process done. If you redeem to pro account, there will be no ads.

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