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Regardless of marketers, freelancers, or specialists, TagOn will be the best choice for shortening a long URL to retarget and interact with your audience on any links you share. With it, you can attach any embed scripts from your website to the links that you share, and add your own live chat, opt-in forms, surveys, quizzes, videos in just a few clicks. What more, it’s easy to create call-to-action links or automate links that go out from any RSS feed. Normally, you will have to spend $17/month for Tagon Standard Plan, but for a limited time, you can get Tagon 6-months for free through a promo code right here.


tagon 6 month free on standard plan

Key Features

  • Create TagOn-powered links from any RSS feed and post them to any social networks
  • Use your own domains for your shortened links
  • Compatible with any types of embed & tracking scripts
  • No TagOn branding on the links you share
  • Customize your link’s meta title, description, and image to share on Facebook or other social networks
  • Organize your links with tags
  • See useful traffic stats on your links: total clicks, unique visitors, mobile traffic, traffic over time & CTR on your CTA
  • Create links to share by easily applying predefined settings to your link

OS: Web app

System Requirements:

Internet connection required

Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

Price: $17/month

How to get TagOn 6-month Free on Standard Plan?

We have worked with TagOn Team to offer you 200 promo codes. Each promo code values 6-month for free on TagOn’s Standard Plan. Just leave your name and email in a comment below, we will send you a promo code to redeem 6 months for free

How to redeem a promo code?

1. Go to https://my.tagon.link/

2. Click on Register and create an account

how to redeem a tagon promo code 1

how to redeem a tagon promo code 1

3. Login

4. Click to “Redeem code”

how to redeem a tagon promo code 2

how to redeem a tagon promo code 2

5. Paste your promo code, then click to “Redeem coupon”

how to redeem a tagon promo code 3

how to redeem a tagon promo code 3

6. After successfully redeem, you will have 20000 clicks, 10 TagOns for 1 Domain

tagon successful redeem code

tagon successful redeem code

The giveaway will end on July 15th 2019. You have to redeem your code within 7 days.


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