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$0 $67.95 Get it free
$0 $67.95 Get it free

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DearMob iPhone Manager is the world’s 1st iOS Manager to transfer iPhone Data with Encryption Method. It allows you to fully manage your iOS data. Built-in is the ability to transfer iPhone photo, video, and contacts with Military encryption grade to prevent privacy leaks, backup and restore iOS data in time order, and options to selectively 2-way transfer contents from computer to iPhone, be it photo, video, music, contact, message, iTunes U, Podcast, app, calendar, voice, File, etc. Your Privacy is not immune to leaks, Shield it to avoid threats with DearMob iPhone Manager.

DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager


DearMob iPhone Manager Giveaway version features:

  • Password protect your file/folder from local or iOS exported.
  • Advanced transfer and restore all or only certain files.
  • Easily sync iTunes movie/music/book from computer to iPhone.
  • Superfast – transfer 1,000 4K photos in less than 2 minutes.

Operating Systems: Windows 10/8/7/ and macOS

Price: $67.95

How to get DearMob iPhone Manager Giveaway?

No need to spend your money on DearMob iPhone Manager, you can easily get DearMob iPhone Manager lifetime license for free right now and right here. Simply take the following steps:

1. Visit this GIVEAWAY PAGE

2. Enter your valid email, then click to “Get free for PC”

DearMob iPhone Manager Free Key

DearMob iPhone Manager Free Key


3. Download the zip file for free license code and download link.

1. Please activate the code before October 06, 2019.
2. The code is exclusive to you, please DO NOT share it on the Internet.
3. This giveaway code is not allowed for free upgrade to the later version.

Activate the special giveaway code of DearMob iPhone Manager
Step 1: Install DearMob iPhone Manager, launch it. Click “Register” on the main UI.
Step 2: Input your valid email and above registration code to the empty space.
Step 3: Click “Activate” button. That’s all.

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